Episode 19 – Transforming Retirement Planning With the Power of Zero — With David McKnight

In 10 years, tax rates will likely be dramatically higher than they are today. What are you doing to help your clients protect their retirement?

Our guest, David McKnight, author of a #1 Amazon best-seller “The Power of Zero,” is here with an action-prompting message for advisors and their clients around the tax freight train that’s bearing down on retirements. This conversation will teach you a necessary and ever-so timely way to think about retirement planning.  

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why David says that the true purpose of a retirement account isn’t to give us tax deductions
  • How to engage someone who seems apathetic about tax rates
  • How to teach your clients about the power of zero
  • How to use the power of zero in your prospecting —  and why it’s an influential approach
  • Words of advice about creating a selling system that’s predictable, sustainable, and repeatable
  • And more!

Tune in now to learn how you can encourage your prospects and clients to harness the power of zero!

Resources: WealthVest | The Power of Zero | The Power of Zero by David McKnight | The Power of Zero movie | Tugg.org